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let your digital screens do the selling for you

Matrix epos includes a wide variety of professionally designed high-impact templates for you to choose from, Cafes, Quick Serve, Fast Casual, Takeaway’s, Retail, Bakery, Pizza Parlor and more. both landscapes and portrait orientations are available. all designs can be fully responsive to match your branding requirements. simply select your template, adjust the text & your images, then remotely send it to your screen.

Digital menus increase customer purchasing decisions by 65%

Digital menus have matured to become assets in the retail & hospitality sectors to improve sales and customer engagement Enhance your customer’s experience, Break the ice showcase menus, highlight offers & promote your brand. When it comes to raising sales numbers studies show that visual content has higher recall rates than written content 65% to 10% the simple act of giving customers the ability to see your digital menu on screens reduces dwell time and increases customer purchasing decisions.

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Digital Advertising Display | Indoor 

Our fantastic range of digital advertising screens include some of the latest technology on the market from high definition displays to ultra-high brightness, perfect for use in shop windows.

Improve Operational Efficiency 

There is a vast scope of clientele from the hospitality industry investing in digital menus & signage is ever growing in demand across small business, transferring to the stunning display of digital menu boards gives you the option to quickly get across your message without the expense of material & time when changes need to be made.

Giving you More Menu Flexibility

Changing menu boards meant spending money on reprinting but now with our solution there is no need to reprint, you can make as many changes as you like, as often as you like. Introducing a new product line? Add it to your menus in a few clicks. Made a typo? Rectify it in an instant. New taxes affecting your pricing? Update all your pricing quickly. Need to communicate Allergy and Nutritional information? Seamlessly add it to your menus. Digital menu boards are the bridge between you and greater business flexibility. 

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